Enswarm’s Core Values


Historically, running a sustainable company meant not much more than ensuring that you met growth targets and profitability. We at Enswarm believe that this kind of over-simplified approach is not only short-sighted, but deeply irresponsible.

We are very proud that from day one we will publicly state the core principles that guide how we work at Enswarm. Not only to produce a responsible product, but to commit to running a responsible company.


We promise to be responsible in what we produce…




We want to help companies save resources

The amount of single-use office supplies that are consumed on a daily basis is appalling… paper, printer ink, sticky notes, plastic pens, and the rest. Whilst digital products have helped reduce this consumption, we take pride in creating a product that confronts the remaining part of the working environment that still relies heavily on wasteful products.


Giving companies tools to reduce their carbon footprint

Inherent inefficiencies and limitations in online collaboration and communication products still means that there are millions of tons of carbon released each year for the sake of business travel and commuting. We are committed to producing a product that will make these seem like embarrassing inefficiencies rather than a requirement.

And socially


A product to reduce discrimination

Confronting gender, age and cultural bias in the workplace is one of the core inspirations of why we started Enswarm. With our product, we want to end this by anonymising interactions and allowing participants to only see and interact with ideas without knowing the identity of the person behind them, so as not be guided by any preconceived notions about ability, hierarchy or unconscious bias.


A platform that enhances access to the workplace

Traditional meetings encourage the dominance of extroverted characters at the expense of everyone else. We have to create working environments for the future that are able to hear the powerful contributions of all neuro-types. With the enhanced fairness of Enswarm, its asynchronous nature and its clear visual presentation, we want to face this head on right now so that organisations can benefit from the creativity of everyone.


…And responsible in how we produce it



A fully carbon neutral workplace

The carbon footprint of cloud and digital workspaces cannot be ignored any more. At Enswarm, we are committed to work with established charities who will help us calculate our carbon footprint. Then using this third party evaluation, we will make donations to fully offset our impact. In the future we also aim to look at tree planting schemes linked to the number of users we have.


A fully carbon neutral team

As an employee's future is supported by a company’s contributions to their pension scheme, we also believe that our employees and their families’ future should be supported by contributing to the environment. All employees of Enswarm will be subject to our carbon offsetting plans as we will be donating on their behalf to offset their household and lifestyle.

And socially


Responsible and fair hiring practices

For stable, profitable and exciting companies, we firmly believe that teams should be a true cross-section of global society. We are committed to making all our hiring practices fair and free of unconscious bias, working with recruiters to remove references to age, gender and nationality from CVs, and adapting our work space and practices in line with the needs of our staff.

Screenshot 2019-10-11 at 11.20.59.png

A focus on growing access to digital industries

We are committed to providing an access route into the digital sector for young people and those of a non-standard educational background. Our team is experienced in setting up graduate programs and speaking at educational establishments, and we will aim to make this a core part of how we build the Enswarm team.