How to Enswarm

When you have a question you need answered or an idea to discuss/debate, Enswarm it.

Get Your Voice Heard

Tag, rate, add - The keys to Enswarm

Analysis & Results

Review Ideas then Move to Action with Enswarm

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Question: What's Enswarm and why the name Enswarm?

Answer: Enswarm was originally inspired by the way that bees make collaborative decisions on their hives in a swarm. We've created Enswarm to be a tool that enables any size and type of team to swarm together!


Question: How is Enswarm different than Slack?

Answer: Slack is great and we love using it but it's an online open plan office where you can chat. Enswarm enables you to engage around particular questions or ideas and our algorithms distil the whole team's input to easily move you to action.


Question: Can we link this to Trello or Asana?

Answer: Integrating Enswarm with your favourite tools is on the top of our list and we'll have much more to announce about that soon.