Case Study: Yorvik Aviation - Generating Team Focus & Fixing Corporate Jet-lag

Aviation – Training & Consultancy

“It’s early days for us, but we are already highly impressed by what Enswarm can do for us with our internal business process. As such we are already planning to extend the use of the tools too use as part of our clients projects, improving both process and quality of our service.”

Neil Sierens, Director

• A small team that is based across the UK but they work internationally, often in very different time zones
• Their projects vary significantly in nature, and almost everything they do is remote
• There are no regular hours, and finding mutually agreeable times for them to convene via web conferencing is always a challenge

Enswarm’s Solution
• Enswarm enables the team to collaborate, decide on, and capture ideas and actions at the moment of inception
• Responses (especially negative!) can be worded carefully and presented in a productive manner
• The full innovation process is managed in a central place and can be responded to at any moment

Other Benefits
Aside from just enabling remote work, the unexpected benefit of the Enswarm for Yorvik Aviation was that the quality of our ideas and comments also improved. No longer shackled to fixed timings of an online meeting, we found that by working when it suited us individually, we were more creative and thus our content was higher grade.

Jonny Andrews