Case Study: Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc Group is an industry leader in travelling and transportation equipment for vehicles. Mont Blanc’s team is based around Europe with key sites located in France, Romania, and Sweden.

In 2018 they used Enswarm version 1 to engage a wide range of employees from different sites and functions to come up with a name for a new aerodynamic premium roof bar/rack.


Head of Innovation and Business Development, Gary Brown engaged 30 people across Mont Blanc’s 3 main sites to determine the name of one of their new premium products using Enswarm. 

Gary ran a session on Enswarm over a period of 14 days to leave plenty of time for the team to engage in the discussion

Gary Brown - Mont Blanc Group

Gary Brown - Mont Blanc Group


The App for remote collaboration

With Enswarm, companies can invite anyone, anywhere to join the discussion. Through Enswarm’s mind map interface, individuals add their ideas and comment on their colleagues’ contributions before rating the top ideas and actions

“I really appreciated being able to see everyone’s ideas at the same time, even comments you don’t agree with” “Overall an excellent tool, easy to use, quick to add comments, and to access”

UK sales manager

“Given that we are in the transition of creating a global functionally oriented business, and are trying to get our departments to work together more collaboratively, this was a prime opportunity to use Enswarm”

Head of Innovation and Business Development, Gary Brown.

A fair chance to contribute

Like many remote teams, Mont Blanc’s main channels of internal communication are email or video conferencing software. 

These channels often hamper effective collaboration; ideas can be lost in a sea of emails presented in a linear format; and online conferencing is inflexible because everyone has to be in the same ‘digital place’ at the same time.

Enswarm allows you to input your discussion over a number of weeks- as fast or as long as the facilitator wants a discussion or debate to run. This means people can contribute in their own time and on their own terms, suiting everyone’s style of working or time difference. The Enswarm daily email summary allows users to quickly and easily log back into the tool and view the latest contributions. 

During the 2 week window, UK Sales Manager, logged in every couple of days towards the end of his day for 1-5 minutes in order to keep track of new content and add to the discussion.

"The application is an electronic conversation, and we need to respond to these comments quickly in some cases to gain greater understanding of the thought as we may not have initially considered their thought or where their mind is"

UK sales manager

Breaking down barriers

“The international aspect of our business is a challenge”

Head of Innovation and Business Development, Gary Brown.

Interdepartmental collaboration across national boundaries often requires careful consideration of cultural differences. In a workshop for example, in addition to managing personality types and workplace dynamics, differences in communication style and level of fluency can be challenging. People might not have the perceived level of spoken English or the confidence to put their ideas forward.

“Giving everyone the chance to make their opinion heard is great.” “I really liked Enswarm’s ability to engage a wide population of staff members from different functions across the business”

“For those users that are perhaps not as forward as me in offering ideas in fear of receiving possible negative feedback or feeling that their thoughts are not good enough will feel more willing to contribute.”

Sales Director

Enswarm allows everyone’s voices to be heard by initially hiding the names of participants to remove human bias, fear of being judged for your ideas, and to enable open and honest debate.

Great ideas from anyone

“There were some innovative discussions in the Enswarm which could take us in a slightly different naming direction than we were thinking at the start”

Gary Brown

When you create the conditions for everyone’s voices to be heard, and when everyone is valued at an equal level, original ideas and out-of-the-box thinking is born. 

After considering a range of different product ideas, the conversation on Mont Blanc’s Enswarm turned to coming up with a unified way of naming their products.

Famous mountain ranges, climbers, and various types of rock were debated. When the session came to a close, and the results of the Enswarm were discussed, the marketing team loved the ideas that were generated from the Enswarm session. 


The new product is now called Mont Blanc Xplore, which builds upon the heritage of the brand whilst looking to the future.

Team Success

After successfully generating ideas and discussion with Enswarm, the tool allows facilitators to see the levels of engagement from each team member, and who gave input that created the most value to the discussion.

Aligning individuals with team success allows management to give praise where it is due. In Mont Blanc’s case, Gary used the results of the Enswarm to thank the top level contributors for their work before announcing the results.

“Having seen the benefits of using Enswarm to name one of our premium products, I am looking forward to using Enswarm again to help further break down cultural barriers, to help our departments to collaborate remotely, and to help us unlock/uncover important debate before workshops and meetings.” Gary Brown

Jonny Andrews