Case Study: Holy Brook Associate - Perfecting Consulting with Enswarm


Training, consultancy and events facilitation

“We have been excited to be one of Enswarm’s first customers. Their tool helped us support our clients in collaborating and improving their organisations and completely exceeded our expectations. We are so impressed by the capabilities it offers we are now building Enswarm into our events and consultancy services, and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

Rachel Eden, Director

Holy Brook Associates were approached by the Trust House Reading charity to facilitate a learning day for local stakeholders. Their challenge was to get maximum participation from a diverse range of stakeholders on how best to support survivors of sexual abuse and rape in the Thames Valley area. Holy Brook used Enswarm’s Digital Team Intelligence tool to encourage wide participation and drive ownership of the outcomes.

• Avoiding shyness and lack of confidence from stakeholders
• Getting across-the-board participation from a diverse group of stakeholders with various levels of seniority
• The event resulting in tangible actions on how to support survivors of abuse in the Thames Valley area

Enswarm’s Solution
• Enswarm’s anonymous interface provided a bias-free way for a group to honestly debate questions
• Attendee participation established the deep sense of ownership necessary to drive action and change
• A successful event with open collaboration and positive attendee feedback
• Nine actionable recommendations sourced from attendees
• Higher efficiency and reduced delivery costs
• Automating initial data collection and ranking the recommendations Enswarm accelerated the delivery of the final report

Jonny Andrews