The starting point for all smart planning and effective teamwork, is a clear situational awareness and an understanding of all the relevant perspectives:

  • Where are we?
  • What is our objective?
  • What are our options?
  • What is our plan?
  • How will we execute it?
This is core to effective teamwork, but there are human factors which complicate this…
Human motivations are inherently based on personal survival and self-interest. As a species, we naturally exhibit “herding” behaviour, explaining our fascination with fashion, or trending topics on social media – but also the behaviour of panicking crowds.


Our natural bias to self-interest and groupthink, means creating effective teamwork is challenging.

As a former military pilot, having worked for over a decade in some of the highest performing human teams, Enswarm’s founder Joe Kay realised that the highest performing teams on the planet are not human ones. With a passion for designing human systems of co-operation, Joe was fascinated by the ability of bees, ants and other collectively-intelligent species to “swarm” rather than “herd”, to consistently make better decisions. But extensive research and iterative testing, has confirmed that human teams are only able to “swarm” if they have effective tools.  

As the internet continues to change human culture and behaviour, it has made it harder for traditional leadership and teamwork techniques to be successful – and when humans stop working together effectively, teams, businesses and ultimately societies begin to fail. So, while technology gives us the ability to collaborate in previously unimagined ways, to work together intelligently, we need to be able to co-ordinate our actions to avoid human-bias and groupthink, to align individual satisfaction with team success.


Responding to the need for digital tools to enable us to “swarm” effectively to achieve better outcomes, Enswarm has developed a growing suite of SwarmTools. These tools deliver a unique blend of openness and anonymity, removing human-bias and groupthink, and valuing all participants. They identify, rate and rank all contributions and perspectives, and deliver effective motivation and focus on team success. And they facilitate effective decision making and team work in real-time, or sequentially, to accommodate the growing needs of remote-working. Crucially, they also provide a detailed audit of the process by which decisions have been reached.

The Team

Joe Kay CEO Enswarm

Joe Kay (Founder & CEO)

Joe is an industrial designer, technologist, futurist, decorated military pilot and thought leader, who has been developing his vision of swarm-enabling technology since 2010. His military experience and passion for designing human systems of co-operation convinced him he could fundamentally change the way people and teams work together.

Pete Hamling CTO Enswarm

Pete Hamling (Co-Founder & CTO)

Pete is a passionate developer who has been building software since the age of 6. He is a full stack software engineer with 18 years’ experience of building software and leading engineering teams.

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Timothy Square from LinkedIn.jpg

Ben Reid & Timothy Lyons (Co-Founders & Investors)

Ben and Timothy are entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, who have worked together for 20 years, successfully building two FinTech businesses.  With a track-record demonstrating strategic vision and the ability to deliver, they have joined Joe and Pete to help translate Joe’s inspiring vision into a great business. +44 (0)207 971 7720