Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere…


Work in your office or on the go, more effectively, at a time that suits you

Enswarm is a unique online platform that will replace 80% of traditional meetings with a results driven visual collaboration tool


Collaborate Visually

Using the latest visualisation and UI techniques, we have developed a revolutionary interface that embraces the dynamic, expanding nature of discussion and debate

Quickly identify team members with proven subject knowledge

Quickly view and understand the whole discussion


Guided meeting planning

Effective meetings require planning
Enswarm drives this process with smart, dynamic templates, easy connections to previous swarms and upload of attachments. We also allow you to design customised meeting flows

Our AI will help define the context of your meeting, invite the correct people, and identify if the topic has been run in your organisation previously, allowing you to capture knowledge and save time

Ensuring all meetings are prepared ensures frictionless participation

Leverage the knowledge of your organisation

As teams interact, their organisation’s knowledge base grows and automatically updates.

With intelligent categorisation of attachments and uploads, our AI system will tag and organise the wealth of knowledge in your organisation

Fully auditable and exportable for compliance purposes, always up-to-date and easily searchable

Automatically turn meetings and documents into a knowledge base


We are making collaboration better


Remove bias

See contributions and ideas, not job titles or positions

Inclusive of remote teams

Facilitates asynchronous meetings, enabling remote offices and homeworkers to interact inclusively and effectively

Visualise the whole discussion

Quickly understand the entire discussion and all viewpoints at a glance


Ensure all meetings are prepared

Smart facilitation ensures detailed planning for all meetings, so all participants understand the context

Self documenting

Automatically generates meeting notes, creating a dynamic, auditable knowledge base and record of all decisions

Drive decisions with data

Data enables an understanding of popular opinion, recognises blockers, drives more effective decisions and automatically assigns actions


 Meetings are an expensive problem!


We all know the pain of unnecessary meetings, and we decided to take a look at the costs for the average company…



of your time spent in meetings

87 days

per year

$ 17,330

cost each year

$ 121,310

average cost per team


Enswarm is going to stop this


*Based on original research conducted by us. (251 working days, $50,000 per year average, team of 7)


We are crowdfunding!

Enswarm is currently fundraising on Crowdcube! Visit our pitch to be part of the meeting revolution



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