SwarmAssessment allows assessment teams to digitise existing in-person assessment centres. Reduce admin pain, conduct immediate wash-up meetings, understand candidate data. 



SwarmDecision allows any team to make a better informed decision by removing the impact of human bias. Independent digital input, data enable decision meetings, download decision reports.



Traditionally, elite teamwork has been the preserve of highly resourced entities such as the military.

SwarmTools democratise great teamwork, providing the framework and the means to work closely and effectively together, regardless of individual status or the geographic location of team members.

By valuing the contributions of all team members and aligning their personal objectives with common goals, SwarmTools deliver better performance and create a competitive advantage for our customers.

We are currently working with a group of proof-of-concept partners, including leaders in consulting and financial services, before launching SwarmTools to a wider audience.

Our Promise:

  • To provide you with stunningly intuitive and useful tools 
  • To deliver a lovable brand, which is friendly, warm and fun to engage with
  • To create tools which become integral to the way you interact with others to make decisions
  • To inspire a Teamwork Ecosystem, that benefits individuals, communities and businesses
  • To remember that User Experience is everything!
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